[K12OSN] WYSE Thin Clients and K12LTSP

Chad Binz cbinz at hprd.k12.ar.us
Wed Apr 25 19:55:22 UTC 2007

  I am very new to the thinclient setup....as in a few days.  I just
came to a school district and they are have a lab setup with cirtrix. 
Anyways they had asked for a different lab setup and I came across the
K12LTSP package.  What I do have is two great servers, and about 35 WYSE
WT3125SE Thin Clients With a Microsoft OS on them.  I have downloaded
the V6 of K12LTSP and installed it...to the best of my knowledge on a
test server.  My questions are these:  1.) can any thin client work with
this or do you have to have something special setup?  2.)   How do thin
clients connect exactly?....Is it a preconfiged NIC or something.... 
3.)  If so, is there some special firmware pageage I would have to
download and update?  4.)  and last but not least, when a thin client
boots up, how do you get to the system admin area to update firmware and

Anyways, Any pointers would be wonderful.  We do not have any existing
documentation of the setup we currently have and it is constently
causing us grief.  I am very excited about the K12LTSP setup and would
very much like to implement it.

Chad Binz

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