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Re: [K12OSN] FL_Teachertool - broadcast - localhost

I knew it had to be too simple. In my /etc/hosts file, I just put "localhost" as an alias for the server ip (last line of file):   server.ltsp     server  localhost

I am not sure why this wasn't in the K12ltsp distribution as part of the install. It seems like everyone would have this problem??


David Lindstrom wrote:

FL_Teachertool is wonderful. The only problem I have is on broadcast. I am using the basic install for K12ltsp 6 - for configuration, I have followed the directions on:


I launched FL_Teachertool with the "teach" command, which uses sudo as in the above instructions. I get this message when I click on the "broadcast" button:

Starting in the background, see the log file for errors and other messages.
Couldn't convert 'localhost' to host address

I get the message whether running on the server box or from a client terminal.

My guess is that it is simple configuration.  Any ideas?




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