[K12OSN] software for making animated GIF images

David Whitmer thewhitmers at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 13:43:45 UTC 2007

One of my school's teachers would like to teach our 8th and 12th grade
students how to make simple animations that could be embedded/played
in a web page.  She envisions having the students draw/import about 6
pictures and then have those playback as an animation, kind of like a
flipbook animation.  She feels animated GIF images would satisfy her
request, though she is open to trying something else as long as there
is not a steep learning curve.

I know GIMP can export an image as an animated GIF.  But I'm a little
concerned about the load on our server from having 16 students
simultaneously running GIMP (K12LTSP V5).

Do any of you know of any other free software that can easily create
animated GIF files?

Or perhaps that could generate a flash animation from stringing
together 6 image files?

Or even web sites that could do this?  (e.g. I know of a few web sites
allowing digital photo editing.)

The main thing for us is that it be relatively easy to use and would
work on K12LTSP V5.

Thanks in advance!

David Whitmer
Director of Media & Technology
Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
web: www.calvaryschoolsholland.org
email: thewhitmers at gmail.com

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