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Re: [K12OSN] Not full screen, just a window

TuxType is really /usr/bin/tuxtype2, which is a binary file. You can have it launch in a window by using the -w parameter. To make it that way for everyone, cd into /usr/bin/, change tuxtype2 to, say, tuxtype2.bin. Then create a script in /usr/bin/ called tuxtype2 that has this line in it:

/usr/bin/tuxtype2.bin -w

Make the script executable (chmod +x scriptname). Now, whenever anyone clicks on the menu selection for TuxType, it will come up in a window. HTH.


Samuel Villamizar wrote:
I am having a problem with Tux Typing, by default it opens in full screen mode and I get this warning:
"Cannot Display This Video Mode"
at this point I need to press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace and log back in

Is it possible to make a global change to all users, so that ALL applications open in a Window by default? not in full screen mode? I f this is not possible (a global change) where do I go to make the change in Tux Typing? (change it from Full screen to window mode)

Thank you very much for all your help.
Sam Villamizar

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