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Re: [K12OSN] software for making animated GIF images

nice Gimp tutorial site Paul!
You've done a fine job of breaking down all of the complexities that keep people like me away from messing with graphics creation and manipulation! Kudos!


Paul Nelson wrote:
On 4/26/07, David Whitmer <thewhitmers gmail com> wrote:

I know GIMP can export an image as an animated GIF.  But I'm a little
concerned about the load on our server from having 16 students
simultaneously running GIMP (K12LTSP V5).

Gimp does very well with K12LTSP and lots of users. Here's a link to a
howto for doing the annimated gifs:
http://hs.riverdale.k12.or.us/~pnelson/graphics/Grok/node80.html and
one fun example:

Give it a try, I think it will be fine unless you have a slow server
with limited memory.

;-) Paul

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