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Re: [K12OSN] Help with Fl_TeacherTool

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
I want to make fl-tt better. Is there any way to get a clients
environment variables if you are root?

Is XAUTHORITY always =/home/username/.Xauthority  ?

I think so. Years ago, I wrote a script that we use on our dozens of HP-UX boxen that sets XAUTHORITY for root by looking at /home/username/.Xauthority for whoever just su'ed to root, and it has always worked flawlessly. So, I think you'd be safe making that assumption.

Is DISPLAY always =wsXXX.ltsp:0.0  where XXX is the last part of the ip?

Close, maybe close enough: Unless you do something funny in dhcpd.conf and/or the /etc/hosts file, that convention should be reliable. However, I'm not sure the ltsp domain part is reliable. If, during installation, the server's hostname is set to, say, fourthgrade.isd234.edu, the clients' DISPLAY may end up wsXXX.isd234.edu. Or it may not; I'm not certain this is a problem, but I seem to recall running into it before (and I'm not at an installation that I can verify with ATM). Even if I'm correct, you probably can use an environment variable. It would be best, however, if people would check their setups and report to the list as to whether changing the server's domain affects the clients' domain (I hope I'm wrong and this is a non-issue).

The other part to note is that DISPLAY may show just a single 0 rather than a 0.0 after the colon (:).


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