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Nick Fenger nickfmail4-lists at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 27 18:10:20 UTC 2007

I was having lots of firefox issues on a brand new install of FC6 on a really old server with 1GB of ram and did what Eric suggested below which  improved my load time (was up to 5 minutes) and crashing: Note that improvements were not seen until the SECOND time my users started firefox. I  included Eric's Message below: 

FC6 seems to come with lots of language extensions that many of my user don't need. (maybe FC5 did too) 

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On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, David Trask wrote:

I nuked all of my extensions (I had quite a few)
 and noticed that 
firefox started up twice as fast.

I wonder if the long-list of language extensions that are now included
by default causes performance problems?

try logging in as root and...

    cd /usr/lib/firefox-
     mkdir save
     mv extensions/* save

and see if the start time is better.

To put the language extensions back:

     cd /usr/lib/firefox-
     mv save/* extensions/


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Michael Blinn wrote:
> This box has 8GB RAM. At the time of the crash, I have 2.5GB of RAM free
> on the box. 0 swapped of course.  I don't believe the 'insufficient
> resources' claim ;)

Probably referring to X resources, i.e. video RAM on the X server?

What's the thin client look like?

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