[K12OSN] Help with Fl_TeacherTool

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Apr 27 19:26:06 UTC 2007

> > Is DISPLAY always =wsXXX.ltsp:0.0  where XXX is the last part of the ip?
> Close, maybe close enough: Unless you do something funny in dhcpd.conf and/or 
> the /etc/hosts file, that convention should be reliable.  However, I'm not 
> sure the ltsp domain part is reliable.  If, during installation, the server's 
> hostname is set to, say, fourthgrade.isd234.edu, the clients' DISPLAY may end 
> up wsXXX.isd234.edu.  Or it may not; I'm not certain this is a problem, but I 
> seem to recall running into it before (and I'm not at an installation that I 
> can verify with ATM).  Even if I'm correct, you probably can use an 
> environment variable.  It would be best, however, if people would check their 
> setups and report to the list as to whether changing the server's domain 
> affects the clients' domain (I hope I'm wrong and this is a non-issue).

My server is named ltsp.winonacotter.org and the /etc/hosts named all workstations as
wsXXX.ltsp.  So I assume it automatically uses whatever the machine name is that is
assigned in setup and not the domain.  My guess is that if I called this
supernova.winonacotter.org my /etc/hosts would have wsXXX.supernova.  But I cannot
verify this either as I have always named the machine ltsp in my setups.

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