[K12OSN] TFTP issue

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Fri Apr 27 18:14:04 UTC 2007

I am having a weird issue with TFTP. I want to first ask, even though
I'm pretty sure, if TFTP is needed for LTSP. Like I said I'm pretty sure
it is. My boss and I have been working on setting up a Linux box with an
SMTP Virus Scanner (replacing Symantec) in front of our Exchange server
(I'll get that box too someday :-) ) and needed to make changes to our
firewall. Well our firewall apparently uses TFTP to make changes and so
he needed to install a TFTP Server program on his pc to do so(apparently
he doesn't make changes often). Well it is saying there is already a
TFTP server in the network. "Lights On!", My K12LTSP Server?, is what
I'm thinking. So I've disconnected it and we are about to see it that is
it. Should it even be showing up on the rest of the network? I thought
it was just for the clients? Thoughts?

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