[K12OSN] Directory structure

Michael Blinn mblinn at peopleplaces.org
Mon Aug 6 14:22:23 UTC 2007

Hello K12LTSPers  -  On my x86_64 v6 box I have both /var/ltsp/ and 

/var/ltsp/ has i386/ and i386-1/ for my two subnets, as well a bunch of 
other things.

/var/ltsp-4.2/ seems to be mostly blank, except for directory structure 
and a very few files, though the last-modified date is newer than 
/var/ltsp/ and has a pkg_cache/ltsp-x-core-1.8-0-i386.tgz file in it.

Any idea here? They're not symlinked either way so I'm a little 
confused. What is /var/ltsp-4.2/ for?


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