[K12OSN] Resolution

Michael Blinn mblinn at peopleplaces.org
Mon Aug 6 19:32:44 UTC 2007

I have a test-case for screen resolutions in gnome that isn't working 
the way I think it should.

Let's say I have two terminals with different resolutions set in 
lts.conf (set using MAC address)

I log into terminal one, and I get the default lts.conf resolution (say, 

Then, I change the resolution using System->Preferences->Screen 
Resolution (say, 1024x768)

I log out of term1 and into terminal two, and the change I made comes 
with me, instead of using the default resolution from lts.conf for this MAC

Can I prevent this from happening? I think I can remove 
~$USER/.gconf/desktop/gnome/screen/default/0/%gconf.xml on logout but 
will this help?


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