[K12OSN] Run script at logout

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Wed Aug 15 21:43:02 UTC 2007

Since you're using autologin, you could create a script that uses zenity 
to query the user for an ID & PW (or just a PW if the user has logged in 
with his/her own ID), then uses those to mount the Netware directory, 
then calls thunar and points it at the mountpoint with the Netware 
directory, followed by an unmount of the Netware directory.  Then put an 
icon on the desktop that calls the script.  When the user clicks on it, 
it will prompt for ID & PW and then open a file manager window on the 
Netware directory.  Once the user closes the file manager, it's dismounted.


Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
> Hello Everybody.
> I have been working on a script to mount students' home directories from netware servers. I need to make an unmount script run at logoff to clear out their mounts. I tried using an entry in Xreset, but it doesn't work with that (neither the one on the server or in the client export). Right now I have it clearing their mounts at login (each computer will have an autologin user account) with a setting in /etc/profile. I can stand leaving it like this, but it would be sloppy. Just wondering if anybody can give me any insight into how to make this happen?
> Thanks
> Joe Korzeniewski
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> Battle Creek Public Schools
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