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"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Tue Aug 21 18:19:10 UTC 2007

Would CrossOver Office Server edition be an option?  I know from past
experience that MS Office 2000 does work on it for multiple users, and
they make it quite easy to do the multiple-user apps thing (i. e. what
you're trying to do).

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Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
> Barry,
> Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions (although they weren't too different than what I had tried before). Here's what happens. After I copied everything over to /wine and changed perms to 0755 I still couldn't get it to run (still tells me it isn't installed). I did kind of make it work by copying the *.reg files from /wine to ~/.wine but it kept giving me an error every time I started it. Did it just simply work for you or was there something else? I did already make the menu items by right clicking on the menu bar and clicking edit menu. Then I moved the .desktop files from my home directory to /usr/share/applications and copied the .config and .gconf folders to /etc/skel. They are pretty icons... but that doesn't mean much if they don't do anything :-D
> Thanks again,
> -Joe
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>>>> Barry Cisna <brcisna at eazylivin.net> 08/20/07 10:51 AM >>>
> Hi Joe,
>   This is an easy fix for your Wine problem. Install your  MS Officewxx (
> and whatever other windows apps) as any user. Once you have all your
> windows apps installed make a directory named wine in the root of your
> HD. In Nautulis make sure your hidden files are shown ( temporarily). GO
> the user's home folder you installed the apps as [EX: userone] then copy
> the dosdevices and the and drive-c directories and the system, user,&
> userdef file as well to the wine directory. Make sure the permissions on
> all the these dir and files are 755.
> Now all users will have access to these:).
> Make a launcher on the desktop for each of the windows apps as root then
> push out by dragging to the "All users" folder on the root's desktop.
> The only downside to this is everyone ends up with all the MS Office
> launcher icons on their desktops. I don't know had to get them added into
> the start menu? Someone else on here ,I m sure can tell you how to do this
> to make this setup neater.
> This will work though as Ive tried this.
> Hope this helps.
> Barry Cisna
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