[K12OSN] AD authentification, what is the best way?

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Wed Aug 1 19:22:38 UTC 2007

This may be too late, but I just created a new user on AD and had to create the home directory in Users/Staff/UserName then when I created the new share I used that path but made the share //servername/UserName$ . That way all the staff and students shares are pathed the same, but saved under a different path. /Users/Students/UserName , etc. Don't know if that helps with your sharing issue, but it's a thought.


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> Make sure that when you setup your home directory
> shares you share out each user's folder and not 
> just a top level folder. 
> Samba cannot mount a folder inside the share, it 
> can only mount the share itself. 
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That's exactly why the Samba [homes] share behaves
specially. It allows you to type the [homes]
information only once, yet create shares for every
user (potentially hundreds). If you find yourself
typing ...and typing ...and typing, back up and try to
be more clever about leveraging the Samba [homes]

([homes] can be used for _any_ one set of shares,
USUALLY home directories [hence the name] but not

-Chuck Kollars

P.S. *All* Microsoft Windows products could mount only
the share itself not a folder inside the share until

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