[K12OSN]K12LTSP v. 6 DHCP works for clients only?

ssh at tranquility.net ssh at tranquility.net
Wed Aug 1 20:50:12 UTC 2007

I've been using 4.4.x so troublefree for so long, I am rusty on 
troubleshooting. I am installing V6 on a test server. The base install 
works fine on clients so far. I am in the habit of plugging a couple of 
laptops into the client side of K12LTSP and getting dhcp info for their 
OS. This doesn't seem to work for me with V6.

DHCP is giving the non-client machines an IP and a lease, but they cannot 
seem to reach anything than the server or each other.

route shows k12ltsp on the inside interface as the default GW
ifconfig shows the interface as up, and has an IP
cat /etc/resolv.conf shows the server correctly

I can also manually configure the non-clients with the same results. I can 
ping, ssh, etc to anything on the client network, but no lookup or 
anything to the outside.

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