[K12OSN] K12LTSP-7.0.0-i386-BETA5

Luis Montes luis.montes at cox.net
Thu Aug 2 13:30:12 UTC 2007

Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> Any reason you can't use the new 5.0EL version?  It's been solid as a 
> rock for me.
> --TP
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> Huck wrote:
>> is this BETA5, pretty much good to go? like the final beta before 
>> release? I've got 10 days before the server MUST be up, and I'm 
>> squeeze'n each one hope'n 7.0 is ready for production even if it 
>> means a plethora of "yum upgrade" in the post-install time.
>> --Huck
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I love centos as a server and 5 is rock solid, but I'd much rather use 
fedora for workstations.  I'm in the same situation as some of you 
others on this list, that is, I need to update before school starts. If 
we don't have a choice, I may go with Centos5 or even edubuntu (MueKow 
looks interesting).
Centos 5  will only get maintenance updates and not the latest and 
greatest software. For example, it uses firefox 1.5 and as far as I know 
will never get updated to 2.0 from the standard repositories.


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