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Re: [K12OSN] non-terminal clients getting DHCP, but no access

I've NEVER had any luck with that...
Hoping to this year...will have more info next week after I get this server installed with K12LTSP 6.0, as I intend to attempt it again.


ssh tranquility net wrote:
Both of the suggestions looked good, on iptables and verifying NAT. I restarted NAT, it did not help. Looking at Iptables seemed promising, I also had a chain that allowed lo but not eth0. I closed the lo chain, edited it (via Webmin) to accept eth0 and put it at the top.

That didn't work, so I created a new rule and placed it above the default rule, still no joy. I then turned off the firewall completely from System --> Administration--> Security Level and Firewall. (Selinux was already disabled). It _still_ doesn't work on the non-clients (thin clients are fine). This leads me to believe that it's not a firewall issue. Suggestions?
Scott S.

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