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[K12OSN] vncts won't play nice in K12LTSP-7 BETA5

Has anyone successfully got vnc set up to let you get a login screen from the external interface with 7 beta 5? The last school I was at, I set up k12ltsp5 and it worked out of the box. Here's what's going on. I know it is actually listening because I am getting the fedora fancy cursor on a checkered X background for like one second and then it disconnects. In

/var/log/messages I get this:

Aug  3 17:51:56 LTSP-WK xinetd[4262]: START: vnc-1024x768x16 pid=4640 from=
Aug  3 17:51:57 LTSP-WK gdmlogin[4666]: The accessibility registry was not found.
Aug  3 17:51:57 LTSP-WK xinetd[4262]: EXIT: vnc-1024x768x16 status=0 pid=4640 duration=1(sec)

My vncts.ltsp has disabled set to no for every service.

Any ideas?


Joe Korzeniewski
Network Administrator
Battle Creek Public Schools

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