[K12OSN] thin-clients and widescreen? devonIT 6020p can't map1440x900

Joe Makoid jmakoid at devonit.com
Mon Aug 6 16:08:08 UTC 2007

Stephane (our CTO) can you help out?

Joe Makoid
Devon IT
"the Alternative Desktop Computing Company"
 Exec Asst. & Dir. Operations Rebecca Blair  rblair at devonit.com

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has anyone has success with DevonIT thin-clients running on widescreen
monitors? if so, how?  (actually, it works, but video card is
outputting 1280x1024 and screen image is streched out, 1:1 pixel
mapping would be nice too...)

my screen resolution pull down only has listings for fullscreen widths.

i went shopping for monitors this weekend only to find that
widescreens have all but obsoleted fullscreen LCD's....


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