[K12OSN] Re: Thin-client manager not working - ideas?

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Tue Aug 7 16:22:54 UTC 2007

On Tue, 07 Aug 2007 03:14:19 -0400, David Trask wrote
> Ok,
> Last issue and I'm going home (it's 3 a.m.)  I've just finished getting 2
> Edubuntu servers up and running....they are in dhcp-load balance/failover
> mode (working fine)...clients boot and log in fine, however screen
> blanking, sharing, and monitoring in thin-client manager is not working. 
> Now...one thing to take into consideration...I am running Samba/LDAP (on
> another box using the smbldap-installer on Ubuntu server which I also
> installed this evening) as my point of authentication. 

I can't get the Thin Client Manager (Or is it now Student Control Panel) working at all
either.  I can get a list of processes but that is it.  Blanking, sharing, monitoring
don't work at all.  I like you have tried every possible fix I could find with none of
them working.  I can install x11vnc into /opt/ltsp/i386 and get the errors to go away,
but still won't work.  I have tried this with single NICs, teamed NICs, 32-bit OS,
64-bit OS, local unix users, ldap users, hopping on one foot and patting my head while
trying the above, but nothing works.  In my opinion the Thin Client Manager is mostly
worthless without the VNC features working and really need to be fixed.

Please let me know if you find anyone with a "working" solution.  I am running Edubuntu
Feisty as I am sure you are.


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