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Re: [K12OSN] Re: Thin-client manager not working - ideas?

You know for my setup...
I use K12LTSP server for all student machines... windows(eth1) and thin clients(eth0)...
that would just rock Jim!!

I don't care about the Macs, cuz the teacher for that lab doesn't enforce the computer use policies anyway...


Jim Kronebusch wrote:
Yes..it does, but I'm trying things out with Edubuntu.  fl_teachetool
rocks!  Thin-client manager is also cool....I've had ti working on a
simple test system (standard install no changes from default)....I'm
having issues on my production system.  I'm planning to use ITALC for my
Edubuntu workstations (hard drive installs), but am curious about it's
feasibility on thin-clients

ITALC could be cool with the cross-platform compatibility.  One central management point
for all workstations be them thin, fat, OSX, Win, Linux would be very cool.  Sounds too
good to be true :-)  But definitely worth trying.

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