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[K12OSN] Help with sed script!

I’m trying to get a sed script put together to cleanup newlines in an ldifde export file before I import it back into my new AD forest (I am migrating all the Exchange contacts between domains).


What I have is this (and other variations of the line wrap):



 CN=Joan/Joseph Brunori,OU=SortMe,OU=E-mail Address Book,OU=Prep,DC=MEDIA,DC=LO



I need to get rid of the “ “ and newline after member (which pulls up the CN row) and then get rid of the newline that sometimes breaks up the end of the row.  So basically, these member: entries should begin with:


Member:  and end with LOCAL.  I don’t care if the script makes two passes (one to fix the member, then the other to fix the other newline).  I’ve got to get that imported so I can migrate the exchange mailboxes tonight! Yuck!!



Henry Burroughs

Technology Director

Hilton Head Preparatory School


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