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Re: [K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

can you do a

net use h: \SERVERNAME\HOME\U% ?

from the command line?

Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello List,

Just run into a snafoo on the new Winders Vista ( Business
edition)machines we have purchased at school. I am not seeing the samba
home folders, on the Vista machines. Now I'm scrambling trying to find a
fix for this. Anyone else run into this? I found the following link as a
starting point but this is not exactly what I m running into.
K12LTSP v 4.4.1
This setup is working fine on Winders 2000 and XP boxes.
Wish it was a 'perfect' K12LTSP world and all were Linux,,:)

Here's the one link that is closest to my prob:



Barry Cisna
westcentral school

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