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Joe Korzeniewski jkorzeni at battle-creek.k12.mi.us
Fri Aug 10 12:18:30 UTC 2007


I am a ubuntu lover as far as desktops, so naturally I tried out edubuntu when I got my new TSs. I share your disappointment. It looked pretty and all, but as far as functionality, K12LTSP is far more polished. I have to give credit to the people who have been working on the K12LTSP distro since I didn't realize all the things that go into it until I used something without. The fact that you can get a new session using vnc instead of just remote control, FL_Teachertool, shortcuts for all the most needed software and tons of wiki documentation makes k12 a tough act to follow.

With that said, if you are dead set on using edubuntu, you can always set the password to use the root account using the command sudo passwd. Sudo is only for command line, gksudo is the GUI equivalent. Your lts.conf frustration could be because it is using ltsp5, which is far different from 4.x. You should be able to find documentation on the ltsp website.


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>>> <monteslu at cox.net> 08/09/07 10:56 PM >>> 
One day in and I've had some success and some extreme frustration.

First the good stuff:

Install went fine.
Thin clients immediately booted up.
The latest smbldap client script connected me right up.

Now the problems:

sudo... I guess it's better than switching to root like I've always done with redhat, but why does it only work on the server for GUI apps?
The lts.conf is not nearly as nice as the one on k12ltsp. In fact, it's almost empty. I have no idea what the new variables are. The top of the file says I can read a gzipped example conf, but it doesn't exist on the server or in any repo that I can tell.
Sound still doesn't work for me in flash on  a client and the only adobe flash thing i can see in the repo is the plugin itself.


---- Jim Kronebusch <jim at winonacotter.org> wrote: 
> On Thu, 9 Aug 2007 13:22:08 -0700, monteslu wrote
> > I have k12ltsp5EL & edubuntu discs sitting in front of me, and school starts 
> > on Monday.
> > 
> > As much as I love fedora, redhat hasn't done much to help integrate Muekow. 
> > I'm gonna give edubuntu a shot.
> > 
> > 1 smbldap server
> > 2 edubuntu servers
> > 70 thin clients.
> > 
> > I'll report on my success or failure.
> You'll really like Edubuntu.  Download the modified LDM and enable LDM_DIRECTX=true in
> lts.conf for faster screen speeds.  FYI the Thin Client Manager (Edubuntu's TeacherTool)
> has some major issues at the moment, any VNC related features do not work.  Other than
> that Edubuntu is great.  
> If it helps you can steal the needed pieces from this tutorial for setting up LDAP
> authentication for your Edubuntu servers:
> http://www.1-cs.com/ubuntu_ldap_howto.txt
> Good luck.
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