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Re: [K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

net use * /d

that command should delete any network mappings you have...

and do you have in smb.conf the line that the comments say is for Windows 95 machines to join the domain turned to YES ?

I think it is 'domain logons = yes'

It should be YES...because it isn't just for Win '95 boxes at all, and they really should change that comment someday...

You say you have it working with your 2k and XP boxes though...hrmph...
and that link you posted shows that most of those people's problem was with the firmware of their NAS devices..

Having only had to set up 3 Vista Home machines for some real estate clients...I haven't had to setup any 'real' networking(just wireless), so I'm shooting from the hip here..

Can you browse to the LTSP server like you would in XP..'view entire network' -> Microsoft Windows Network -> LTSPSERVER -> [list of shares] ??

Now you have me worried as Vista was slated to replace the XP lab 2008-2009 school year...


Barry Cisna wrote:

I tried the net use h: \servername\home\u%
I get error 67, "the the network name can not be found"
On the Xp boxes ,of course i get " the network name is already in use"
I can ping the fileserver by name and ip address from the Vista machines FYI.
The winders firewall is turned off on the Vista machines as well.
Any ideas?

Barry Cisna

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