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Re: [K12OSN] Windows computer can't find internet

chkconfig --level 345 transparent-proxing on

if that doesn't work...

chkconfig --list | grep prox (that will tell you the actual service that needs to be turned on)...I don't know it by heart sorry.


willhatch fayhoneyknoppschool org wrote:
Hi All,

I just did fresh installation of 6.0 32bit, from DVD. I stuck with the default installation. My server has two nics. I have comcast cable internet. The clients boot up fine, the internet works on the server and the clients, but the Windows computers I have hitched up to the switch can't seem to find the internet. I've been using k12ltsp for a few years now, but for some reason can't figure this one out. I have the firewall enabled on the k12 server. Could this be the problem. Any Ideas? Thanks!



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