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[K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

Hello List,

Thanks to all for the suggestions in reference to my Vista delema.

I've never gotten into setting up any logon.bat files for windows logins.
Would I simply enter what you've suggested in the logon.bat file on the
Samba server? If so, how can i do that for all domain users? I have looked
a bit at this many moons ago. but I just done a setup from a howto,that
someone had posted and Samba " just worked",to were all users that logged
onto our domain had a home folder/h: drive on the Samba server. now with
Vista,this is not happening:(.
Can you give me a
1. do this
2. do this
3. do this ,,,
Refire Samba server and give 'er a go!

I'm wondering if even the logon.bat file would possibly fail with the
"fast query"( that has been mentioned as a failing thing over at Samba
.org) thing in Vista's Explorer? I guess i can give it a shot. It's not
worth a hoot the way it is right now:)


Take Care

Barry Cisna

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