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Re: [K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

uncomment [netlogon] share...
see where the path is../opt/samba/netlogon  (for my install)
create startup.bat(that's what I called mine)

write 'net use m: \\ltspserver\<sharename>' in that file

run unix2dos on startup.bat

service smb restart

roughly...that's it


Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello List,

Thanks to all for the suggestions in reference to my Vista delema.

I've never gotten into setting up any logon.bat files for windows logins.
Would I simply enter what you've suggested in the logon.bat file on the
Samba server? If so, how can i do that for all domain users? I have looked
a bit at this many moons ago. but I just done a setup from a howto,that
someone had posted and Samba " just worked",to were all users that logged
onto our domain had a home folder/h: drive on the Samba server. now with
Vista,this is not happening:(.
Can you give me a
1. do this
2. do this
3. do this ,,,
Refire Samba server and give 'er a go!

I'm wondering if even the logon.bat file would possibly fail with the
"fast query"( that has been mentioned as a failing thing over at Samba
.org) thing in Vista's Explorer? I guess i can give it a shot. It's not
worth a hoot the way it is right now:)


Take Care

Barry Cisna

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