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[K12OSN] Custom dhcpd.conf file/Offer more security?

First I apologize about the cross posting on the lists, I don't usually do this.

I have been working on configuring a custom dhcpd.conf file that can will not give
unknown clients the option to boot to my ltsp or netboot servers and will assign IP's
for unknown clients in a different range which will also give me better filtering
abilities in the firewall.  I also wanted to be sure that clients in a known group of
mac addresses were assigned specific IP's for setting default printers by location and
such.  Also I hope to be able to give different boot options by group so that one group
can boot LTSP and another Netboot from a mac server.  In doing this I think this could
add another way to do load balancing as well, say GroupA get's next-server A and Group B
get's next server B (This way many LTSP servers could be located on the same LAN and
centrally located, but still boot specific groups of machines).  Anyhow attached is a
working sample on the start of how all this will work.  If/when I get Netboot or say
Diskless remote booting to work as well I will post that.

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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