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Re: [K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

in your /etc/passwd file...
you specify your users' home directory...
are they all specified as /home/user1.v2  , /home/user2.v2, etc...?
or did you by chance manually tweak homedirs with a script and not make the changes in /etc/passwd?

wanna post your [netlogon] and [home] or [homes] shares? and what you have in your startup.bat script as well as the path the startup.bat is in?


Barry Cisna wrote:

I tried doing the startup.bat setup as you suggested. Dang the luck.  This
didn't make the drive show up on Vista. The smb & system logs on the file
server does not show any samba errors,so I cant " see" what is failing.
I'm going to upgrade Samba to 3.0.23 and see if this helps any.
I have not honestly seen were anyone has Samba Shares working seamlessly
with Vista though. As I said I can manually add a Samba share to each
Vista machine,and can see the contents of the folder ,,,but once the
workstation is rebooted the share has disappeared?.
I m thinking it has something to do with Vista seeing the homefolder as
\home\user.v2 rather than the xp way of \home\user
(The .v2 being the killing factor.)
I'm not sure how to resolve it,though.

Thanks again

Barry Cisna

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