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[K12OSN] Edubuntu workstation install

For anyone who's curious, I got smbldap ala Matt Oquist up and going today.  I did a fresh server install w/ Ubuntu 7.04 and then did a workstation install w/ Edubuntu 7.04 (server ed, installed as workstation).  I got these directions from Tracy Taulman -- thanks Tracy!  The only things that are not included are:

1.  You have to chown the home directories after you export them.  We do "wsadmin" on the workstations and "administrator" on the server to avoid confusion.

2.  smbldap-useradd and smbldap-passwd to create users by hand, if that is the method of choice, obviously.  This is what I did to test the server -- added a few users quickly, just to see if this was all going to work or be for naught.

3.  Use Nautilus to create the folder on the server in /home and change the owner to owner of directory

4.  I am manually adding a printer to each workstation -- haven't figured out how to send those jobs thru the server.  Anyone have a fast tip on that?

I don't have a high-powered server, but I do have 20 lovely computers w/ 40GB hd's.  It is not the funnest in the world to maintain these, but it's not too bad. 

Anyway, wanted to show you all how I used Matt's script -- no big whoop, I suppose, but I thought someone out there might find this useful.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tracy Taulman

Here are the steps that I worked out from before. They still look good and should work just fine for you:

1. Install Edubuntu workstation option

2. On first boot do this:

            1. Create an 'administrator' user during install.

2. CTRL+ALT+F1, login as admin

sudo su -          (<--- to become root)

mv /home/administrator /admininistrator

usermod -d /administrator admininistrator

3. CTRL+ALT+F2, login as admininistrator to make sure things are working ok

3.  Logout and hit F7 to login to graphical

4. Change repositories in Synaptic Package Manager (add Universe and Multi-universe)

5. Put on all updates.

6. Reboot workstation

7. Download smbldap at http://majen.net/smbldap     version 2.1 or so

8. Open the archive and extract it.

9. Open a terminal window and cd to smbldap-installer

10. sudo ./smbldap ubuntuclient

11. sudo gedit /etc/udev/permissions.rules

            Find the sound device section

            Add MODE="0666", in front of GROUP="audio"

12. Open Synaptic Package Manager and search for portmap and autofs

add and apply both

13. Configure the automounter to mount the home directories as needed.

 1. Edit /etc/auto.master add:

 2. /home /etc/auto.homes --timeout=60

 3. Edit /etc/auto.homes

 4. *

14. Restart the computer and logon as a LDAP client!


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