[K12OSN] Wine, or Profiles - I'm not sure which applys!

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Sat Aug 18 05:12:23 UTC 2007

Hate to reply to myself, but I figured out I could use the /etc/skel/.wine to do what I need to do after some chatting in #winehq . I do have a legal question though if there is anyone out there who is good with that. I copied native dlls from a system running SRI/Reading Counts!, but only from the scholastic folder. Is that ok as long as I own the scholastic software and have rights to install it as needed. Or is there a microsoft issue there I should no about? Thanks again.

Levi Kemp
Technology Specialist
Bolivar R-1 Schools
lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us

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I've got a K12LTSP v6 Server up and running with Wine working. I couldn't get Reading Counts, or SRI to install though. Had a thought, my other legacy apps run over the network off a file server. So I installed SRI and all on that server and shared then mounted it like my others. Wine wouldn't run it, it was missing DLL's. Ok, no big deal, I copy those DLL's over to the system32 folder in wine. Hey it runs! But SRI looks like it gets stuck on the splash screen, actually it's trying to find the database, the window is just hidden. Ok, so I share then mount the database folder, move the window into view, point it to the folder, that I had to setup in wine as a drive and voila! SRI seems to be working, yea! Problem, I cannot do this for every student every time they log in. What do I do?! They don't have folders created on my LTSP server till pam_mkhomedir runs, so I cannot just copy all the DLL's over, plus pointing it to the database everytime would be bad too. I sticks, I can open SRI as many times as I want on one user now, no worries their. So any thoughts to help me out of this pickle. I'm avoiding using Windows Terminal Services by doing this. And considering the time constraints and situations I've had I'll look pretty good, and so will the linux K12 solution, in my bosses eye's if I can figure this one thing out. Thanks so much once again. This really has been the most helpful group of people I've known, and Eric, seriously, without this Distro I wouldn't have even got this far.

Levi Kemp
Technology Specialist
Bolivar R-1 Schools
lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
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