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Re: [K12OSN] problem with pivot root identifing the nic


You need to pass an option to the kernel, so it knows which module to load.

I think the parameter you want to pass is 'NIC=forcedeth'.

I'm assuming you are using PXE to boot the clients, so you'll need to add that to the PXE config file. Take a look at:


For information about how to pass that option to the kernel.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

Jacob Maier wrote:
Hi Everyone
I am going to try and explain my problem one more time.
I bought a bunch of ASUS vintage 2 AH2 bare bone kits (m2npv-vm motherboards) added memory and processor to be my clients.
I am using k12ltsp version 6 as the server.
I see the client start up and get the DHCP and TFTP fine. It then begins the second boot and tells me it can not identify the NIC and aborts. I know that the generic forcedeth driver will work or I can install a driver from the NVIDIA website. what I need to know is how to I force the kernel to use one of these modules. Failing this I can boot from USB thumb drives. In which case what small distro would you recommend and what do I have to add to make sure it works properly with the server.
School is starting in two days so I need to get thing done.
Thanks in advance.
Jacob Maier

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