[K12OSN] Wine Problem

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Mon Aug 20 14:51:10 UTC 2007

Hi Joe,

  This is an easy fix for your Wine problem. Install your  MS Officewxx (
and whatever other windows apps) as any user. Once you have all your
windows apps installed make a directory named wine in the root of your
HD. In Nautulis make sure your hidden files are shown ( temporarily). GO
the user's home folder you installed the apps as [EX: userone] then copy
the dosdevices and the and drive-c directories and the system, user,&
userdef file as well to the wine directory. Make sure the permissions on
all the these dir and files are 755.
Now all users will have access to these:).
Make a launcher on the desktop for each of the windows apps as root then
push out by dragging to the "All users" folder on the root's desktop.
The only downside to this is everyone ends up with all the MS Office
launcher icons on their desktops. I don't know had to get them added into
the start menu? Someone else on here ,I m sure can tell you how to do this
to make this setup neater.
This will work though as Ive tried this.
Hope this helps.
Barry Cisna

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