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Re: [K12OSN] Wine Problem

Does your boss know that MS Office 2000 is not much longer for this world, in terms of support and bug fixes?

Do you GNU!?
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Joe Korzeniewski wrote:
Hi Everybody,

I know this is border line heretical, but please bear with me. My boss won't let me put in k12ltsp labs unless there is office 2000 available. I don't like it, but I trust that when the teachers have openoffice and office2k to compare, the choice will be obvious. Nevertheless, I am having a problem getting wine working for multiple users. I made a directory under /usr/local/wineapps and symlinked that to ~/.wine for my user account. I installed office and it runs perfectly under my username. My thinking was that I could make /usr/local/wineapps read only and make a symlink to it from every other user's ~/.wine directory. When I tried this out, it told me that the product wasn't installed. Has anyone seen this before or come up with a good solution for using office2k on k12ltsp? I am running k12ltsp 6, x64. 


Joe Korzeniewski
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Battle Creek Public Schools
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