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To manage print jobs, point your browser at localhost:631 and login with as root. By default, the browser must be running on the same machine as the CUPS you're trying to admin, but assuming you're running K12LTSP, this means any client will suffice.


rmiller seminole k12 ga us wrote:
On my 2 Centos5 servers, occasionally printing is horribly slow. Usually waiting jobs will print eventually (sometimes 30 minutes later). Sometimes, the print jobs are coming out immediately after clicking print. One lab has a networked HP LaserJet 2200, the other has an HP LaserJet 1300 connected to the parallel port on the server.

Also, where do I go to view/manage pending print jobs? I'm from the Novell/Windows school, so I'm still learning Linux.

Any help, guys? Thanks so much!

Ronnie Miller
Tech Specialist
Seminole County Schools


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