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Re: [K12OSN] 5.0.1 EL DVD Install Looking for CDs

Thanks to both of you for your help on this.

The solution I came up with is a bit slower, but otherwise for my situation very satisfactory. I created a startup cd using the boot.iso from the distro's /image directory and then performed a FTP install using the /i386 directory on the MESD ftp site. I figured the bandwidth cost was comparable to downloading the iso's and it has allowed me to perform an install without getting/setting up another machine.

Now I only hope Eric's OK with it ;-)


On 8/21/07, David H. Barr <dhbarr gozelle com> wrote:
On 8/21/07, Mark Trimble <matrimble gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Robert,

> Trouble is, I don't have another machine available at the moment to create
> an NFS share on or to serve as a HTTP host and I'm not quite sure yet how to
> setup a hard disk installation.

IIRC I've managed to use a first_cd, dvd, last_cd option.  This was a
much older (~500mhz dual pIII) system, and for whatever reason I
couldn't install straight from DVD.  Essentially I didn't want to
babysit the drive while it re-installed for the third time, so I tried
a shortcut.

I think I began the install with disc1, dropped in the DVD when
prompted for disc2, and put in discX when prompted (it happened to be
the final disc).  We didn't actually end up using the system for much
of anything other than a testbed, so I didn't keep any further

Hope this helps (or at least does no harm)

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