[K12OSN] Wine and Server 2003 Problem

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Thu Aug 23 15:49:16 UTC 2007

I've managed to figure out the issue. When the errors starting coming up on XP machines I was only left with the SRI server. And that's what scholastic said too, errors in the database. I'm going to have to run the maintenance program daily now and each time it finds errors. Makes me wish I was using AR like the intermediate school, they haven't had a single problem. Of course the primary school uses SRI and they are having the same issues. Basically it runs fine on K12LTSP as long as you get the dll's copied and set the permissions right.

Levi Kemp
Technology Specialist
Bolivar R-1 Schools
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It's a longshot, but you could try issuing the 'wineboot' command after
closing the first program.


Kemp, Levi wrote:
> The programs I'm using in wine have a database sitting on a Server 2003. When I open say reading counts, it works right away and asks for a user name. Same would happen if say I opened up SRI first. But if I close one and go to open the other, or the same one again, I get an error with the database, saying either it cannot be opened (SRI), or another user has the database opened in exclusive mode (Reading Counts!). I can fix this by logging onto the server and closing the session of the user in question. The odd thing is that even though it gets the right user on the server, it's insterting an entirely different computer name. Is this a samba or wine problem with not releasing the session? Or is it a windows issue that I'm dealing with? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been working hard to get this to go. I wonder if having the database on my server would work. And if I could set it up to have it sync.
> Levi Kemp
> Technology Specialist
> Bolivar R-1 Schools
> 417-328-8943
> lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us

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