[K12OSN] samba drives/home folder and MS Vista probs

Rob Owens rowens at bio-chemvalve.com
Fri Aug 24 15:12:12 UTC 2007

Here's an article that touches on this topic.  It's a little old,
though, so it's possible you know all of this already.



Barry Cisna wrote:
> Huck,
> I tried putting the identical settings in Samba that you posted here,
> today at school and done the ol 'service smb restart', but still no home
> folder / H: drive showing on the Vista workstations. I only had a little
> time to spend beating on them today. I did notice one new thing, that if I
> map the home folder drive manually on each workstation & checkmark "
> Reconnect at logon"( which does work),and simply log off,and log right
> back on as same user the mapping has disappeared. AKA: The machine does
> not even have to be rebooted for the home folder to disappear.This seems
> kind of strange to me as well?
>   I of course have made the change on the Vista workstations as posted on
> many sites to downgrade the Network lanman setting from only accept
> NTLM2 , to accept *both* NTLM and NTLM2 in secpol.msc ,just FYI. I never
> see any errors in the system log or samba log that tells me anything
> that is failing on these workstations, as usually happens when Samba
> gets confused on something?
> Still scratching.
> Thanks
> Barry Cisna
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