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Re: [K12OSN] Version question

On 8/24/07, Shawn Powers <spowers inlandlakes org> wrote:
I'm installing our LTSP servers for the year this evening.  I think if I install 7beta5, I'll be able to just yum upgrade to the final when it's done.  Is that a fair estimate?

Is anyone using LTSP7 in production, or might I want to spend a year with 6.0?  (Yes I realize any opinions are, well, opinions, but if anyone's been using v7, I'd like to know their opinion...)

Thanks a ton,

Shawn Powers
Technology Director
Inland Lakes Schools
PHN: 231-238-6868 x9174
FAX: 509-356-7024

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The views, opinions, visions, thoughts, comments,
sarcastic whims, forecasts, poetic outbursts,
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I say, do, think, or imply with punctuation should be
considered my own delusions, and ignored completely.
I've just started upgrading our school's computers to v7.
The only issue I've run into so far is that installing from the DVD always failed when trying to copy the install image to the hard drive (right after the formatting step) .  However, installing from the download iso file over NFS worked great.
David Whitmer
Director of Media & Technology
Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
web: www.calvaryschoolsholland.org
email: thewhitmers gmail com

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