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Re: [K12OSN] Editing Default Profile

There's no central tool for configuring all these things. However, you can use sabayon to customize the menu system. To configure the desktop icons and Firefox, login as user, create the desktop icons you want, and add the extensions for Firefox, etc. Then logout, login as root, and copy all the files and directories, including and especially the hidden ones, of that user, to /etc/skel. Any new users will get all those files, directories, and their settings. If you later want to add icons to existing users' desktops, login on the console as root and you should have an icon on the desktop for copying things to all user's desktops. If you do that, make sure you update /etc/skel with that addition so any subsequently created users will also get those new icons.


Mark Trimble wrote:

I would like to customize the default LTSP user profile/desktop (menus, screensavers, themes, etc) and would also like extensions that I've added to Firefox to be applied to all users. I was wondering if this is possible and, if so, how?



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