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Re: [K12OSN] I need a list of good FOSS apps for k12LTSP and for FOSS workstations

Hi Christen

Rushed in to suggest http://tinyurl.com/3e4sh8 as a good source of K12 FOSS apps, only to realize that your needs were rather specific in nature. I hope you find a solution here, and feel free to keep the link for a rainy day - it may come in handy.
Alan A Hodson
West Texas: ELP

Christian Einfeldt wrote:

I am a volunteer supporting a public middle school in San Francisco with FOSS. We are getting ready for the new school year, and one of the teachers would like to use this site


Unfortunately, it requires Adobe shockwave, a non-Free software package. We are in the process of moving the operating system on our server from K12LTSP to Edubuntu. I am wondering if anyone here has succeeded in getting shockwave running in any kind of k12LTSP or edubuntu networks. We are currently running on a Xeon dual core 2gb machine, but will soon be moving to a slightly faster machine.



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