[K12OSN] Welcome to a new school year and pdf editing...

Nils Breunese nils at breun.nl
Tue Aug 28 00:00:52 UTC 2007

Jim Christiansen wrote:

> Happy New School Year Everyone!
> I've been asked to do a fast seminar for our teachers on editing  
> pdf docs.
> I said "You can't."
> They said yes you can like I was on another planet.  I do know  
> about pdftohtml and pdftotext.  Are there other tools out here in  
> FOSS that are pdf to doc?

Google around for "edit pdf linux" and you'll find a couple of tools  
and tricks, but I'm afraid the only 'real' way to edit PDF's is Adobe  
Acrobat ($$$ and not available for Linux). Adobe Reader for Linux  
will let you fill out PDF forms if that is what you need. PDF files  
are not really suited for editing really. What kind of editing would  
they like to be able to do?

Nils Breunese.
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