[K12OSN] Client boot problem

Mikko Jordman mikko.jordman at edu.vantaa.fi
Tue Aug 28 10:47:12 UTC 2007

Hello everybody!

I have been working to get nfs mount /home to work. Finally I managed to to do
it. (It should be simple, but I think there where too many things to consider,
and one of them was alwats wrong...)

Now I got a new problem, that I remember I have had also before:

When the client boots, it get Ip-number, it tells right the dhcp-server also.
When it should start PXE booting, it hangs to:


Whats wrong and why? I think I have not messed with that and I even can't
remember/finf out, what file is the place to tell boot path etc...

could somebody give me a hint, please.


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