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Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> Mel Wade wrote:
>> I have some Intel and 3com cards with PXE boot capabilities.  I have
>> flashed the cards with the lastest firmware, but get PXE-E20 errors
>> when it tries to boot.  I've googled, but can't seem to find a
>> solution....
>> I have other thin clients booting on the system so I know that part is working.
> Just did some preliminary Googling, too.  From what I read of that error
> code, the BIOS is returning an error code trying to copy the NIC's boot
> image into "extended memory" and that this error should "never" (haha)
> happen.
> What happens if you take those NIC's and try them in a totally different
> computer?  Any change?
> The only other possibility that quickly comes to mind is the 15-16MB
> memory "hole" that some BIOS's allow you to set.  This is totally a
> guess, but maybe that NIC's trying to write into that memory hole, and
> it can't?  I note that the error code speaks of a problem with writing
> to extended memory.
> --TP

Another thing I've seen some people report is that the PC's BIOS itself
might need updating.  I know from experience that buggy BIOS's can be a
problem for Dell OptiPlex GX1's when you try to PXE-boot them (recent
BIOS versions do fix this).

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