[K12OSN] find command

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Tue Aug 28 22:34:09 UTC 2007

'find' is likely much more powerful..

but I use 'updatedb'...and then 'locate <filename or partial with 


Roger wrote:
> It used to be you had to escape the asterisk in the find command, if you 
> didn't it would expand to the filenames in the current directory.   that 
> behavior apparantly changed.  Does anybody know how long that's been?
> old way, if you were in a directory with the contents:
> blah
> one
> two
> and you did a find like this: 
> find . -name *.txt
> It would have looked for the three files blah.txt one.txt and two.txt
> To do that find the way you wanted it to work, you would have to run it 
> like this:
> find . -name \*.txt
> Now, with the version of redhat I have (AS4), doing
> find . -name *.txt
> looks through and finds the appropriate *.txt file like you would expect.
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> Roger
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