[K12OSN] Unable to access gmail...

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Aug 29 01:40:15 UTC 2007

Oh...the funny thing is....that https://serverexternalIPaddress:10000/ 
(webmin) works fine ;)

and on the 400 ERROR...it still asked about the certificate.


Barry Cisna wrote:
> Huck,
> On the server itself do a   https://localhost
> If you get the certificate thingie alright and get the Apache Page,,
> go to a workstation on your LAN and do a https://serveripaddress and see
> if you can still pull up the Apache web page. This should work pretty
> easily but once you go out beyond your lan,then if Squid is entering into
> it,this could be not proxing the https sites correctly.I know you said you
> had squid shut off so this shouldn't be entering into the picture anyway.
> I know by default in you use Squid along with DansGuardian by default DG
> will not allow https sites without backing off a couple things in thde
> Dg.conf file.
> This is a start at least.
> Take Care
> Barry Cisna
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