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Re: [K12OSN] Unable to access gmail...

Oh...the funny thing is....that https://serverexternalIPaddress:10000/ (webmin) works fine ;)

and on the 400 ERROR...it still asked about the certificate.


Barry Cisna wrote:

On the server itself do a   https://localhost
If you get the certificate thingie alright and get the Apache Page,,
go to a workstation on your LAN and do a https://serveripaddress and see
if you can still pull up the Apache web page. This should work pretty
easily but once you go out beyond your lan,then if Squid is entering into
it,this could be not proxing the https sites correctly.I know you said you
had squid shut off so this shouldn't be entering into the picture anyway.
I know by default in you use Squid along with DansGuardian by default DG
will not allow https sites without backing off a couple things in thde
Dg.conf file.
This is a start at least.

Take Care

Barry Cisna

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