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I did restart Samba. Actually I restarted the server just to be sure. Odd thing is I now have pam_mount working. It maps their home drives from another samba server and they can save there fine. I figured I'd have mroe issues with that. In their home folder the permissions tab shows the user as the owner with read/write, and domain users as the group with none. In the home share it's exactly the same. The home folder is owned by that user as well. The file I created in /mnt/M has these permissions -rw-r--r-- 1 root root . Actually every file in M is owned by root, as far as my server is concerned. I can change the permissions of /mnt/M/ and chmod is g+s, or use the gui to tell it to do the same, but it seems to make no effect. Sorry if I'm not giving enough info still. But I am learning, that's always a plus.

Levi Kemp
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Just a thought,,, After you added the profiles section to your smb.conf
file, you did do a ' service smb restart' , in a terminal ( for the new
samba config to take effect),right ?
Next go to one of the users home folder ,and right click on one of their
saved files then> Properties,> then Permissions. Post here exactly what
permissions are " checked" after a newly added files has been added to
their home folder. See what the perms # is such as 600644 or  xxxxxxx .
Also right click the users home folde and do Properties on it, and make
sure the folder is listed as THAT user. This may reveal something.

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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