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[K12OSN] Google apps

GRRRR... I use google apps for our school email.  I linked to the google apps page from our website.  I got a call today from the pastor (it's a Catholic school) saying there is porn on my website, and please remove it immediately.  Turns out, someone clicked on google apps and then on video.  There, in the top 10 list, are a bunch of porn sites.  The principal said pretty gruffly, "We cannot have this on our site!"  It was not on *my* site, of course, but no matter -- in his head, that is St. Mary's site, and it needed to be removed.

Ugh ... I wonder if I emailed google if they would take any action so that places of business (esp schools) could still link to google apps w/o having that link.  I doubt it, but still.

The problem is not student access in the building, but student / parent access from home.  They do not want there to be any links to such material from my homepage.

Any thoughts?

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