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Re: [K12OSN] Google apps


On 8/30/07, Huck <dhuckaby paasda org> wrote:

Christian Einfeldt wrote:

> At any rate, you should be using a squid guard / dans guardian box as a
> proxy server.  It will speed up your Internet surfing, and it will block
> offending pages.  You can, of course, tweak it.

using squidGuard or Dansguardian won't do a thing for a link to google
apps on their website...it only prevents stuff from INSIDE their network.

No, unless I am mistaken, which could be the case, a dansguard / squidguard box blocks blacklisted sites from coming up.  I did not set up our squidguard / dansguardian, so maybe I am wrong, but I am told by our sys admin who set it up that is our parental control filter.  Maybe I misunderstood him. 

In other words, suppose that a student tried to go to sex.com.  A squidguard / dansguardian box would prevent that page from loading, regardless of whether the link was initiated by being typed into a browser window or as a link on another page.  At any rate, our students can't go to sex.com, and I have been told that the squid guard / dansguardian proxy server is the device that prevents that from happening. 

And indeed, if you go to the dansguardian page, you will see that it offers links to blacklists that you can download for your school.


But as I say, I am just a trained monkey (seriously), meaning that I am a level-one tech support, so maybe I have gotten this whole thing wrong.  I have to say that I don't admin the squidguard / dansguardian box, so maybe I am wrong.

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